Our History

Setting Industry Standards

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Est. 2020

Our Story

The Winged Hare

Under this fabulous essence of the winged hare is signed Blandzi, sport fashion house. Through this creature, Blandzi is supposed to symbolize the best attributes that could result from the combination of a hare and wings. The eared creature according to mythology or folklore, perform velocity and cuteness when capture every single opportunity to avoid loss of everything it ever wanted. As the eternal object of the pursuit…

“It rises right after it, and when it sets, it sees a hare setting”

– Artus, Greek poet

This quote is eloquent, leaves no doubt, however Blandzi’s hare is a winged hare.  This “little” addition is to conquer over any adversity and is a substitute for good luck, because wings were often attributed to gods as a thing unavailable to everyone. They symbolize victories and a metaphorical detachment from the ground.

Although you probably won’t find a winged hare anywhere else but on Blandzi’s products, it would be compared to meeting a unicorn or a yeti, but you can be sure that when you put on clothes with winged hare,  you will feel as if the winged hare is real…

…along with its lucky charms.


First Impression

“When I was trying to convey emotions, features and values resulting from my experiences and the space in which I moved, containing them in a uniform shape, I came up with the idea of a hare with wings, .. and when I saw it for the first time on paper, wonder how beautiful and phenomenal it is, soo I affectionately called it “Sashka,” for my love…”
Core Values

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